Pre-Abortion Screening

If you are considering an abortion, it is best to start by talking with a medical professional.  Online searching can only get you so far.  A pre-abortion screening will give you medical verification about your pregnancy. Once it is verified that you are pregnant with a medical grade pregnancy test, you will be offered an ultrasound for confirmation. This ultrasound will assist you in knowing how far along you are in the pregnancy and if the pregnancy is viable. Knowing if a pregnancy is viable and how far along you are is important to know.

Our services are limited and do not include abortion pill or surgical abortion procedures. Providing you personalized medical verification of your pregnancy and a safe confidential environment to discuss all of your options is what you can expect in this appointment. We do not refer to abortion providers.

An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming. You may be feeling scared, confused, or even terrified. Take a deep breath. While everyone’s circumstances are different, we are here for you as you gather important facts. At Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center, we offer free, lab-quality pregnancy testing so you can trust the accuracy of your results.

After a positive pregnancy test, we may recommend confirming the test results.