For Men

What do I need to know as a man?

When you’re thinking about how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy as a man, it’s important that you know that as the father of the baby, you, and the mother both have parental rights. How these rights are determined will depend on your relationship with the mother and your ability to fulfill parental responsibilities as you go forward.

If you and your partner have different ideas about how to handle the pregnancy, remember the most important thing you can do is assure her you are there for her. If she asks your opinion, give it honestly. Many men feel they can’t speak into the situation, but most women want to know their partner will support them and want to know their opinion, too.

Regardless of whether you agree on the best path forward or not, you should do everything possible to support your partner. Being involved and encouraging throughout the pregnancy is the best thing you can do.

So, how do you deal with an unplanned pregnancy? Knowing your options is the best first step.


Abortion may be a possibility you are considering but you shouldn’t rush into the decision. If you need a place to learn more about abortion so you can make a fully formed decision, please schedule an appointment with us as quickly as possible.


Even if it may seem impossible, it’s important to think through this possibility and envision life outside of this stressful moment. Fatherhood might not have been a part of your plan, but many couples do successfully parent following an unplanned pregnancy, and there are resources that can help.

We offer parenting classes at our center for to help prepare people to parent. Our classes are designed for men and women individually as well as for couples.


Many people choose adoption because they don’t feel ready to parent but don’t want an abortion. Through the adoption process, you can give your child the chance to grow up in a loving family and have a life full of opportunity. You and the mother can also experience the benefits of adoption as birth parents. Adoption is always free to prospective birth parents like you, and if you and your partner are working together in this process, you can create an adoption plan based on your combined preferences.

We can connect you with an adoption resource that can give you more information about this option.


Regardless of which of these three options you prefer, at the end of the day this is a decision you must make with your partner. We offer options counseling for individuals and couples, so if this would be helpful, please schedule your free appointment today!