Support & Advocacy

Learning that you’re pregnant may be a joyful time- or maybe an unexpected event, adding to your feelings of stress and anxiety. While the first steps are to pause, assess your options and get the facts about your pregnancy, it’s also important to know that you have help for the long-term.

At Caring Hearts, our client advocates can help connect you to the resources you need- whether you need help to you get back on your feet after a temporary set-back, or to create a plan for life-long stability. Our client advocates can help you find the tools and resources needed to remove obstacles to the positive momentum you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We are familiar with many Central Arkansas programs offering emergency food and shelter, financial support, child-care resources, vocational support, relationship management and more. Caring Hearts is ready to work through your situation and help connect you to what you need during this important time in your life.

If you need help finding resources and setting goals to help stabilize your life, contact Caring Hearts today and let us help.